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Aspen in Bryce Canyon, Utah, 20x24

Canyonlands Outcrop 1, 20x30

Canyonlands Outcrop 2, 20x30

Canyonlands Outcrop 3, 20x30

Delicate Arch, Arches National Park, Utah, 20x30

Double Arch, Utah, 20x30

Fin Canyons, Arches, Utah, 24x36

Grand Canyon 1, 20x24

Grand Canyon 2, 20x30

Grand Canyon and Craggy Tree B&W, 20x24

Grand Canyon in Sepia, 20x40

Grand Canyon Sunrise 2, 20x30

Grand Canyon Sunrise, 20x24

Monument Valley Arch, 20x30

Monument Valley Rainbow 1, 20x30

Monument Valley Rainbow 2, 20x30

Monument Valley Twin Mittens, 20x24

Petrified Sand Dune 1, Zion, Utah, 24x36

Petrified Sand Dune 2, Zion, Utah, 24x36

Saguaro Cactus Flower, 20x30

Saguaro Cactus, 20x30

Sandstone Formation, Capitol Reef, 8x10

Sandstone Formation, Zion, Utah, 24x36

Sandstone Formations, Arches, Utah, 20x30

Sunrise over Arches, 8x10

Sunrise over Bryce Canyon, Utah, 20x24

Sunrise over Lake Powell and Navajo Mountain, Arizona, 20x30

Sunrise over Monument Valley 1, 20x30

Sunrise over Monument Valley 2, 20x30

Sunrise over Monument Valley 3, 20x30

Sunrise over Sandstone Formation, Zion, Utah, 30x50

Thunderheads over Arches B&W, Utah, 20x30

Thunderheads over Arches, Utah, 20x30

Zion Sandstone Outcropping, Utah, 30x30