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Anasazi Ruins, Canyon de Chelley, Arizona, 20x30

Bison Sepia 1, South Dakota, 10x15

Bison Sepia 2, South Dakota, 10x20

Bitterroot Mountains, Montana, 20x30

Bodie Covered Wagons, 20x30

Bodie Storefronts, California, 20x30

Bodie, California, 20x30

Cadillac Ranch Focus on Color, 8x10

Cadillac Ranch, 8x10

Cattle Drive B&W, Nevada, 8x10

Cattle Drive, Nevada, 8x10

Cattle near Bitterroot Mountains, 20x30

Church of the Transfiguration, Wyoming, 20x30

Crystal Silver Mill, Colorado, 20x30

Gold Ore Wagon, Bodie, California, 24x36

Indian Ruins, Utah, 20x30

Lemhi Pass where Lewis & Clark Crossed the Continental Divide, 20x30

Missionary Chalk Drawing, New Mexico, 20x30

Montana Railroad Track 1, 8x10

Montana Railroad Track 2, 8x10

Monument Valley, Arizona, 20x24

Mormon Barn B&W, Wyoming, 20x30

Mormon Barn, Wyoming, 20x30

Mormon Pioneer Cemetery, 20x24

Pioneer Cemetary 2, Nevada, 20x30

Pioneer Cemetery 1, Nevada, 20x30

Pioneer Cemetery, Utah, 20x30

San Francisco del Bac, New Mexico, 20x30

Texas Roadhouse, 20x30