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About Us

Walter Yund III and his son, Walter Yund IV are
nature and landscape photographers living in upstate New York. 

They can be contacted at the following email address: wyundiv at gmail dot com. 

We enjoy traveling in the Western half of the country, exploring its diverse scenery
and interesting history, trying to capture the raw power, majesty, and delicacy of nature in our images. 
But we can't describe this love of nature in words as well as the great naturalist and satirist Edward Abbey did:

Suppose we say that wilderness invokes nostalgia, a justified not merely sentimental
nostalgia for the lost America our forefathers knew.  The word suggests the past
 and the unknown, the womb of earth from which we all emerged.  It means
 something lost and something still present, something remote and at the same time intimate,
 something buried in our blood and nerves, something beyond us and without limit. 
Romance--but not to be dismissed on that account. 
The romantic view, while not the whole of truth, is a necessary part of the whole truth.

Desert Solitaire

The forest is not the world of Bamby, but rather a living and breathing institution,
and just knowing that there are wilds out there can be both a humbling and satisfying experience.


About our Photographs

We do not practice image manipulation.  You will never find a full moon next to a setting sun in our photographs. 
We never combine images, and we never alter the content of an image. 

The images on this website are from two sources. 
One is a collection of digitally scanned slides complied from the journeys of Walter Yund III over the span of 25 years. 
The second is a more recent collection of digital images captured by both Walter Yund III and Walter Yund IV over the past 6 years. 


About this Website

This website has been operational for four years.  In that time, we have sold over 500
fine art photographic prints to decorators and collectors in 14 states and five countries.
While you might not buy anything, feel free to bookmark this page and enjoy in the future!

Thanks for looking!